viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

Catedral II

Osán was born in Paraná, E. Rios, Argentina in 1964.
He has made many individual and collective exhibitions in the city of Parana, the province of Entre Rios, and the rest of the country, as well as abroad. He has got distinctions such as the First Prize of the III Annual Hall of Plastic Arts and the First Drawing Prize of the XXXII Annual Provincial Hall. He has also been given scholarships and international courses, among them, the Sargadelos Seminar in Spain.
His works were exhibited in “Arte BA `97”, at the National Congress of Argentina, in the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Marbella, Spain (2000-2003) and in the III International Biennale of Drawing and Graphic Art in Novosibirsk-Russia. He has given many lectures, courses and seminars such as Art and Multimedia in agreement with the National University of the Entre Rios and the Human Figure Drawing Course at the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts “Pedro E. Martinez”.


- Scholarship. Sculpture and Pottery Seminar at Sargadelos Labs, in Castro, La Coruña, Spain. Making of a sculptural project. Total: 160 hours. 1994.
- Exhibition at the International Fair of Contemporary Art, Marbella, Spain, 2000.
- Exhibition at the International Fair of Contemporary Art, Marbella, Spain, 2003.
- Honor Mention in the International Painting Hall of the National Academy of Brazil. 2003-
- He was selected as a participant for the 3rd International Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Art, Novosibirsk, Russia. 2003.
- He was selected as a participant for the VI International Digital Art Hall and Symposium, on La Habana, Cuba. 2004
- Exhibition at the International Miniprit Annual of Sofia, Bulgaria. 2004. Digital works.

He also works as a professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences of Entre Rios, and in his private studio since many years ago.
His works are located at the Drawing and Engraving Museum “Guaman Poma”, the Fine Arts Museum “Pedro E. Martinez” and in private collections in Buenos Aires, Brazil and New York.

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